The SWAGG Series

The World Community Games are about to take place with no spectators - but online conferencing organisation, HOST, have figured out an incredible way to livestream it across the planet. The whole world sits up and takes notice. And so do some people who are out-of-this-world ...

Like Janey Brown, aka Jane Blonde. She'd thought her spy life all over when she carried out her last mission iwith the irrepressible SPI:KE, G-Mamma, until one day, from the shadows, Gideon Flynn appears.

He's building a team to uncover what HOST are really up to - and to carry out some secret missions of his own.


Together, they track down some unusual superheroes. Jack Bootle-Cadogan - Jack BC, or Anubis, to his friends. Matilda Peppercorn, legendary kickboxer with fabulous feline skills. And Prince Stein of the Huckenbeck dynasty, who's very old and very young, all at the same time.

And the adventure begins. But are the team willing or even able to do what Flynn wants? It’s time to find out. Meet SWAGG.


School of ICE front.jpeg

"There's never been anywhere for people like me, Jack. Like us."


Jack B-C - Doghead, to his friends - is mega-proud to be setting up the SWAGG team's School of Inter-Connecting Energies in his stately home, for unique individuals like Jane Blonde, Matilda Peppercorn, Stein, Gideon Flynn ... and Jackanubis himself. 


But some people will stop at nothing to bring SWAGG down.


Can they handle vile infiltrators, HOPE? Mysterious new students controlled by crackle power? Or destroy the terrifying Protector, before Flynn vanishes forever?


IBecause it's not just the School of I.C.E. that they're fighting for. 

It's something unimaginably huge ...

It's back to his Ancient Egyptian roots for Jack Bootle-Cadogan - because there are some lessons he just hasn't learned! 

Bookworm info: SWAGG fans love a big read  and then even bigger with all the origin series. They're 10+, bright, sparky, and love mystery, myth, magic and mayhem. Into Skullduggery, Alex Ryder, Jackson and that wizard guy?  Look no further.